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About Us

Temple Hair at Beautifull Strands, Pure Luxury Raw Indian Hair Extension and Beauty Tools Collections.

Master Cosmetologist and Founder of Beautifull Strands, mission is to provide the Purest (unprocessed) Raw Indian Hair Extensions & Beauty Tools to Hairstylists and Customers. Investing in real Raw Hair that offers quality and longevity of up to 3-4 years, with proper care reusable hair.  


We know the importance of beauty products need, as we continuously seek additional opportunities to add value-based beauty products to our website. We thriving to excel in quality, innovation, and elevating our image for becoming one of the eminent brands of the hair extensions and beauty tools industry by providing top notch products to valued customers. 

Our Hair Products Qualities.

Cuticle aligned natural textures.

Feels soft and does not have any problems with tangling.

The hair can be changed to the color of your choice.

The hair does not dry or shed after washing.

The hair can be curled with a flat iron.

The hair can last longer and save you money.

The hair is easy to care for.

We look forward to new customers and returning customers stopping by to enjoy what is well known at Beautifull Strands,  – “LUXURY COLLECTIONS”

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